The future of MMDoCKing

So as I’m sure you guys are wondering after the mysterious edit of Enclase’s post from a few days ago, what will the future hold for this site. So in the interest of full transparency here is what is going on.

I will be taking over the day to day operations of the site. Providing content, making sure that we keep up to date on the news and bringing you interviews from the community. I will be trying to provide at least one article every other day, with breaking news as it becomes available.

The thing that I know is on every ones mind is the deck builder and card database. I have been in contact with Bokkengro and he is willing to update it for us. The update will however not be ready for the new patch as it was previously and will more than likely happen after the patch goes live. I will keep you guys up to date on when that is going to happen. So please be patient with us as we work through the transition.

If you have any questions or comments please leave them here and if you would like to contribute to the site please contact me at

Thanks for making this a great site


35 Responses to The future of MMDoCKing

  1. kirnon says:

    The King is dead. All hail the King!

  2. GABAFERA says:

    Yeah =) Thanks llltree

  3. Mernix says:

    Thanks for keeping site alive.

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