Road2paris June gold finals!

Last night community could watch top8 bracket with all the gold group finalists. As last time we could watch plenty of Hakeem games, but this time people prepared, or at least tried to pick something that in thier mind can counter this popular top tier deck. So, we could not only experiece as well popular Acamas, but also we saw inferno Delebs, Ignatius and Garants, who tried to top Juna Quali. This time finals were super exciting and end up after all 5 games in a series, so i would strongly recommend you watch the replays though Ubi DoC channel and its VODs. This time it was Redpepper6 who after disapointing performence in round 1/4 managed to forget about stress and played super solid versus famous MnM_vs_Smarties causing him to stay at second place. One more super crucial note, at all grand final games – the player who started 2nd won the match. Everytime.

1. Redpepper6
2. MnM_vs_Smarties
3. ttyieu
4. cucu89
5-8. tragicstar, gardiet, bGata, xX-St0rmSt4r-Xx

link to the VOD can be found here: link

8 Responses to Road2paris June gold finals!

  1. viceman says:

    Congrats! Please upload your replays!

  2. Birger1988 says:

    The last sentence seems very important. In the chat during the Stream tragicstar wrote that everyone should have to start once at least. Cannot be equal anyway, since its bo3 or 5 but it would be as fair as possible I think.

  3. trupi says:

    How would you handle the draw then Birger? You could get easily screwed by the opening hand with what you propose.

    • Birger1988 says:

      I’m not sure if I understand what you mean. With the possibilties the game offers richt now, there ist no way to make it fair because its random who starts so they should maybe change something about that. I would not suggest to start a duel and then cancel it because the player who started the first duel had to start again.

  4. maly_drab says:

    i watched the POV and wanted to do some statistics:

    soo basicaly on everygame streamed it was: 11:6 in favour of turn2 start. Not that bad – but lets see who won as 1st and whats more important WHY.

    1. cucu won as hakeem vs bgata ( ballzy turn2 event)
    2. tragic star won as hakeem ( but this one i would say it was more about turn2 kat very very poor play, this proper game should not be counted as its human factor – win was because of the kat)
    3. garant won vs hakeem BUT hakeem had terrible opening full of spells/creatureless – another great exeption – rng draw
    4. acamas vs pretty weak hand for 2nd turn hakeem, no spells no co9. yet accepteble for statistics.
    5. mirror hakeem – 1st won ( did not watch this game)
    6. ariana vs kat – ariana stared with 3x tree, rather uncommon :>

    Some of those wins were simply expeptions, like terrible draws / bad plays. I would not count at least 2 the most extreme games and that would make 11:4 in favour of 2nd turn start which is 73% win ratio on a competetive level at this small amount of games. I would love to see more numbers here though.

  5. GZ.MILKY says:

    would you say all T2 won games won were no exceptions tho? While i agree that going 2nd obv in std is a huge advantage, this statistic (or the way you read it) is quite invalid.

  6. drab says:

    As. Mentioned, this piece of games are only small number, i will focus on further r2p qualis aswell, to gather more reliable material. I still think, judjing my own personal experience, that if both players have even hands, on some matchups u will not win the game, unless your opppnent screw the game badly at least once. Usually that happend each time i saw those games, or by some extraordinary opening ( like this 3x tree vs not that heavy dmg on stronghild drops)

  7. enlite says:

    Hello, drab! Great descriprion of the whole torney. Intresting reading.
    Only one small mistake, Cucu have number 99. 98 is property of jkkk I think. ^^

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