road2paris JULY quali gold finals!

Last sunday we watched top8 bracket with all the gold group finalists. This time it was Stronghold and Necro who dominated qualifiers as wee could see a lot of Acamas and Kat games. Again both nations – French and Polish show many strong players are in their lineups and finally it was Pawel999k who won versus famous and lovely caster cucu99. As the games were played before new expansion we could see almost every playerd who was starting 2nd, wining his games and im really into what will Griffin Bane show us all!

1. Pawel999k
2. Cucu99
3. Slww9278
4. cucu89
5-8. mazsparrow, strumpic, Zergrusher, Mrh3

link to watch the semi finals can be found here:
link to watch same of the 1/4 games can be found here:

20 Responses to road2paris JULY quali gold finals!

  1. Bwuh says:

    there are 2 cucus?

  2. waragadar says:

    and zero links :)

  3. Mernix says:

    Think it was Rungachen instead of cucu89.

  4. ja says:

    going 2nd ftw..

    this and empowered spell has to get fixed asap!

  5. eViperF2 says:

    Yes, it was Rungachen (not sure about the spelling), and he played very well, so not nice to leave the man out…

  6. drab says:

    Lol at me i will fix it asapi willcome to compurer :p

  7. Hurp says:

    Apparently the secret to success is having a random 9 in your username. The more the better.

  8. jkkk89 says:

    how would You know?:P

  9. waragadar says:

    sorry, where are the links? thanks

  10. Birger1988 says:

    I can say, a 9 isn’t all you need-.-

  11. Bomy says:

    Haha (Bomy999)^^

  12. zxcv says:

    1. where link?
    2. Where i can look decks this super top guys?

  13. Novalarius says:

    MMDOC King, dead again ?

  14. xyz says:

    This site is so dead. Why even bother keeping it alive?

  15. SoulShard says:

    Please add Griffin Bane to the list of cards! Thanks!

  16. dem illuminati says:

    i fear this website is a bit done. please say it aint so.

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