Polish May League

Hey, so the first month of Polish League ended and after playing top8 bracket we finally see the winners. Although this league is mostly organised for polish community, organizer L4m4b4lon1k welcomes every foreigner who wants to compete in top polish players aswell.

1. ZergRusher
2. xRoni
3. jkkk89
4. mazsparrow

top8 bracket with results : here

9 Responses to Polish May League

  1. Cauthon86 says:

    Whould you upload replays ?

  2. DirtyOld says:

    Can you guys tell us how your tournament is organised?
    I’m organising german tournaments and want to get some impressions from other tournaments.

  3. LQDBrunt says:

    Wp and congratz Zerg!

    Was deck swapping allowed ? If yes, than i feel XRoni should have change up after game 1. Acamas vs Seria is hard mu for Acamas, especially so if going second.

    • ZergRusher says:

      no, 1 deck only with 12 cards sideboard. And i agree that Seria has an edge vs Acamas. I dont consider Acamas particularly strong vs Necro.

    • xRoni says:

      Yeah we couldn’t change decks and thats why it ended so clean 3-0 Seria is just bad MU for Acamas. I will update my matches against jkkk89 later today.

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