MMDoCKing is looking for a new owner :)

Done for now :)

23 Responses to MMDoCKing is looking for a new owner :)

  1. Novalarius says:

    Sad, but true….

  2. bambikitkat says:

    I dont think anyone will be interested to buy a website of a dying game sadly, just close it or use it for other purpose, you did what you could, ubisoft didnt care, time to move on.

  3. Ericau says:

    None of your codes worked

  4. h0schi says:

    sad but true , …. i agree, i’m bored of that imbalanced game 2, i will continue with HS and MTG !! in RL, thats muuutch more fun than that

  5. DerOeler says:

    The Game ist not dead just because you dont like it anymore.
    Some drop out, new players pop up.

    U did a great Job with this site.
    But there will be others.


  6. Pjovejas says:

    This site was the only site of DoC for me (I’m not french, polish or russian). So it is sad, but expected news…

  7. Krazac says:

    Sad to see, I can’t get into hearthstone or anything. just seems so boring to me. still enjoying this game alot. Thanks for the work you’ve put it :)

  8. Mirnir says:

    I think EnlightenedOwl said something about wanting to take over the site, but didn’t saw him on lately.

  9. LQDBrunt says:

    This site is the last thing what’s keeping the remainder of international DOC community together. Sadly, it too is now following the footsteps of many other who parted ways with our beloved game :(
    Thank you Enclase for keeping it alive for as long as you did.

  10. bazaltovy says:

    “serious games” and “Hearthstone” cracked me up. I was always stating that what you were saying was a bit exaggerated (also, it will always amaze me – in a negative way – that when you could do something about it, you didn’t), but still, your impact on community’s side of DoC was immense, thanks, closing King was expectable.


  11. GZ.MILKY says:

    Thanks for what you’ve done for DoC, gl in life.

  12. RedEmperor30 says:

    Thanks Enclase for all your input and community support – i really hate to see you walk away from this game – Good luck, i’ll still catch you on stream

  13. as says:

    Haha some serious games like hearthstone lol .. man if you are leaving just leave and close this website . you know it will be much better without this because no place hwere to posy your fucking decks so everyone will play theyr own decks so imagine how fun it will be haha.. gl to you and ty i downloaded about 20 replays from your site go conquer childish hearthstone world and btw this game maybe dying but will not die soon because you think so :) I still care about this game because its fun and if you play inly because of population not about gameplay you always can check most played games and you will find what your looking or

  14. Durendal100 says:

    Thanks Enclase for the streams mostly bro, i had a lot of fun those days back then – watching it. I hope someone will buy this site and help DOC by updating it often :)

  15. viceman says:

    Farewell Enclase!
    No one can concentrate on a game forever.
    Appreciate what you have done and GG.

  16. Blitz556 says:

    Farewell. It’s been fun. Thanks for everything. GL with your RL.

  17. ioulios says:

    because u r leaving it doesnt mean game is dying pls no more drama…i been playing since day 1 and i always hear game is dying proverb…game is getting new expansions as planned new players coming…only bad is monetyzing but i am free player i will wait about2-3 weeks and after buy the expansion with gold already farming at 5kk right now so what the deal?When u say game is dying its only ur personal opinion…As for the site u did a good job for all of us now if u wanna close it its ok some1 else will open something similar

  18. Treossurris says:

    Thanx for ur work. I’ve been greatly helped by this site, and if it were not for this site, I might not be playing now. good luck and have fun.

  19. maly_drab says:

    i love Enclase. period.

  20. Bwuh says:

    Done for now?
    What does that mean?
    What’s happened Enclase?

  21. Mernix says:

    It’s sad this is happening. I discovered only a couple of months back and it is a great resource. Thanks for your hardwork and GL & HF in your next adventure.

  22. warrenolrok says:

    So anyone taking this over. Tbh ubi should just pay you a few grand a year to keep it open and updated if you would be interested as its a really useful resource.

  23. EnlightenedOwl says:

    I volunteered months ago and you never got back to me. My offer stands. Let me know.

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