MMDoCKing Chat Still Available

As I’m sure you have noticed you can not direct connect to the MMDoCKing chat via any more. The chat is still up and running you just have to use an IRC client to get there. You can connect to it at channel at Athemenet IRC.

If you have any questions about this or need some help getting connected, head over to this thread on the MMDoC forums for a lot of great info on IRC clients and how to connect to the chat.

Make sure to join the conversation. You never know who will pop up in the chat.

5 Responses to MMDoCKing Chat Still Available

  1. rodvel says:

    i dont wanna chat, i want the update of the deck builder!

  2. Hristo says:

    Hello, did you update your website?
    If you say Yes When?

  3. doppel_adler says:

    does someone manage this site anylonger? or is it dead?

  4. bazaltovy says:

    Chill, folks.:v

  5. alexcold76 says:

    I am actually connected to via mIRC and the #mmdoc channel is empty.

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