Griffin Bane Patch Notes and Release Date



The patch notes for Griffin Bane have been release and can be seen below. This patch is set to go live Wednesday, July 9th. That means in less than 24 hours we should have our hands on the new cards.


100 New Cards

New Heroes, Creatures, Spells, Fortunes, Buildings and Events

Card Nerfs

  • Swelling Breeder now only gives Magic Resist to adjacent Breeders
  • Djinn Cloudshaper now requires 5 Might
  • Enthrall now costs 6 Resources
  • Puppet Master now costs 7 Resources

New Achievements

  • Refer a friend (Reward: 15,000 gold)
  • Have 3 refered Pupil who reach level 10 (Reward: 500 Seals)
  • Win a match against the Academy faction (Reward: Base Academy Deck)
  • Win a match against the Haven faction (Reward: Base Haven Deck)
  • Win a match agaisnt the Inferno faction (Reward: Base Inferno Deck)
  • Win a match against the Necropolis faction (Reward: Base Necropolis Deck)
  • Win a match against the Sanctuary faction (Reward: Base Sanctuary Deck)
  • Win a match against the Stronghold faction (Reward: Base Stronghold Deck)

New format: Road to Paris

Added a new ‘Road to Paris’ format to the ‘Challenge a Friend’ game mode. This format will be used during competitive Road to Paris matches.

Ability Icon in zoom

Added the Ability Icon to a zoomed card descriptive screen.

Regroup same cards of different series

Added a ‘Hide Duplicate’ filter in the deckbuilder to regroup same cards of different series.

Changes in Shop

  • Gold will no longer be sold in the Shop.
  • Starter Decks are also removed from the Shop. These decks are now obtainable through achievements in game.

Changes in Altar of Wishes 

  • The cost of Heart of Nightmares cards drops to 2 / 6 / 10 / 16 (Common / Uncommon / Rare / Epic)
  • Griffin Bane cards enter the Altar at 3 / 9 / 15 / 24 (Common / Uncommon / Rare / Epic)
  • The cost of Legacy Series cards drops to 3 / 9 / 15 / 24 (Common / Uncommon / Rare / Epic)


If you missed what cards are due to be released you can find a gallery of them here.

We will have the card database and deck builder updated as soon as we can. Again thanks for your patience and understanding.

11 Responses to Griffin Bane Patch Notes and Release Date

  1. d90.dennis says:

    The reduction in price for the Legacy cards is a nice surprise, I didn’t expect that.

    The removal of of the base decks from the shop is wierd move, what is the point of doing it ?

    So now you will be able to only get 1 of each through the new achievements ? (Unless they will be repeatable)
    If so it removes the option of buying them multiple times to complete some playsets of uncommons you didn’t open in packs ( for me it’s Sayama Warden, Truce and The Frozen Maze from the Sanctuary deck).
    I see it as a bad change.

  2. Pjovejas says:

    waaait a minute: what about that achievment “by a deck from a shop” happens now? I don’t need that deck, but still I’m achievment hunter…

  3. RedEmperor30 says:

    hi guys, thanks for the post ^^ not sure who has a direct contact with the dev’s but the one noteable “missing” factor from this new expansion is “achievements”…. own all the cards from GB, win 20 duels with GB hero, deploy this type of creature, win with only stackables etc etc, the list coild really go on – pretty much the standard achievements we’ve seen with the expansions. The achievement addition plays a huge part for players learning and acquiring rewards, and the lack of them here leaves a huge question mark?

    • Illtree says:

      Quoted from Jason Paradise on reddit, “I’ll be asking about these. If they are added, it’d most likely be in a future update. There is currently no way for us to add an achievement to the game without a patch. I’ll see what I can find out.”

  4. extno says:

    Hi, could anyone update the website, please? (just add GB cards)

    • drab says:

      You need to be patient, mmdocking will try to add them asap, but as its coder no longer is here, this might take a while

  5. den says:

    Is there another site for mmdoc deck guide?

  6. Novalarius says:

    Hello, any news about the update ?

  7. Novalarius says:

    Still nothing ? sadness…..

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