Getting to the Bottom of the Stack. Stackable Creatures and You


New Stackable Mechanic.

What is stackable? Well this is a new mechanic that is being brought with the new Griffin Bane expansion that is set to release sometime in the next week. We got a peek into this mechanic today on the Griffin Bane Arena stream with the community managers and it looks like it is going to add a whole new level of strategy to the game.

In an interview with Developer SimonV we got an explanation of what this new mechanic will bring.

Stackable is a new ability that lets you deploy, relocate or move a creature with Stackable onto another creature with the same name. Let’s say Serpentfly has Stackable, you deploy the first one normally, then you deploy the second one on top of the first one, the size of the Serpentfly will go up by 1 and the 2nd Serpentfly card will go to your graveyard. Since your stack of Serpentfly is 2, it’s ATK is 2 and its HP is 4.”

If you want to read more about the upcoming expansion you can find the full interview over at the DoC Forums.


One Response to Getting to the Bottom of the Stack. Stackable Creatures and You

  1. Birger1988 says:

    Yay, actual news on the site:)
    I must say, I like the idea of stacking creatures since it fits the (Ho)MM universe, but I’m not sure if I like how its done. We will have to wait and see how it actually works, but I don’t think its right that you can destroy a stack of creatures with just one Soul Reaver.
    But a I’ve seen the complete list opf cards and it looks interesting:)

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