[EnlightenedOwl] Champion III 1000+ Points Standard Demons Guide

by Enlightened Owl

Hey everyone! I know I just wrote my most recent Words of Enlightenment not super long ago but the site is really lacking on up to date guides at this time and the Standard metagame has a lot of players really scratching their heads so I figured I could help with both problems at the same time by writing a guide. As the title says, as I write this I’m currently over 1000 points into Champion III, all of which has been from playing Standard as I’ve not played a single game of Open since Heart of Nightmares came out. The deck I used exclusively once I passed 500 points is Demons and I hope this guide can help out readers who are struggling with the format or may want to try the deck for themselves.

To kick things off, my decklist: http://tools.mmdocking.com/decks/show/9063

Pros and Cons at a glance:
-Fast and consistent
-Doesn’t have any auto lose/extremely unfavorable matchups
-Has a lot of reach for an aggro deck
-Has a lot of play to it
-Very resilient to Insect Swarm
-Highly versatile for an aggro deck

-Imbalanced front line/back line ratio, sometimes resulting in an overly cluttered front line
-No hard removal
-Other creature decks can use your Week of the Mercenaries against you
-Doesn’t have a lot of comeback potential once it falls behind
-Relies heavily on hitting its early drops

Now, the more detailed stuff, starting with an explanation of each individual card…

Tae’s value pile number #5!

If someone did not notice Tae created another Value Pile broadcast, his 5th one. This time he decided to examine Cucu99, famous oldschool player who recently is streaming DoC a lot. Cucu is talking about new Standard meta, doc formats and his experiences after new patch. Entertaining as always!

Link to broadcast can be found here: value pile #5
Cucu Twitch channel: twitch.tv/cucu99

Swiss Overload

SO Sig Banner

The Swiss Overlord Tournament qualifiers are still taking place for another week, up until April 23. There have been almost 400 submissions so far, which means the prizes include 2 million Gold, an alternate art Cassandra card, and a unique banner.

Now, new stretch goals have been added:
500 submissions – 600,000 Gold from the prize pool will instead be converted to 3,000 Seals
750 submissions – competitors who submitted 20 or more screenshots will get a custom forum title
1000 submissions – 1 million Gold from the prize pool will instead be converted to 5,000 Seals

The top qualifiers right now are pawel999k, Mitch.sp, and sooxTIRED, so everyone else better play more Swiss tournaments!

[EnlightenedOwl] Words of Enlightenment, 7th Edition

by EnlightenedOwl

***WARNING*** Great Wall of China of text coming up. This article will be very detailed and lengthy and should be read, for your own health and safety, with adequate breaks for rations and using the bathroom in between!

Alright, first of all, Standard… When the new system was introduced I immediately was placed into Champion III and as I write this article I’m roughly 350+ points into that tier, though I’m confident I’ll be able to double or triple that number without too much difficulty when I have a little more free time, and at 1700+ ELO. I’ve played roughly 40-50 ladder games, at least that many practice games and of course I did the Campaign.

For starters, the decks at this time:
- Acamas, Kat
- Ariana, Sveltana
- Shalan, Takana
- Deleb, Dhamiria
- Asalah, Hakeem
- Haven decks LOL

That’s just a very rough list of the top/most popular heroes for each faction right now. Of course there are other options and of course the metagame may change and evolve as time passes, but I feel it’s a pretty safe and accurate list for the time being.

Thoughts about the Expansion

Hey guys :)

After the first days of the expansion and my ‘comeback’ to Duel of Champions I want to share some thoughts about the game and its current problems.

In my opinion HoN is based on some great ideas which were needed to save this game, but unfortunly a lot of them failed badly…

New Ranking / Matchmaking

I was so happy about the announcement that the old crapsystem is finally leaving us – but well. Now it looks like it is replaced with an even worse system – rewarding the players who plays most with the highest places.

But it’s not only the system by it’s own that is bad in my opinion, I also have my problems with the one single ladder for all formats, simply because of the fact that it doesn’t really make sense that the best Standard players (who maybe only play standard) will fight for positions against the best Open / Weekly players.

Solution: In my opinion there should be 3 different ladders – and every ladder should work more like a 1 month Jackpot-Tournament than like now. It’s just stupid that I’m getting the almost same amount of Championpoints for every game – doesn’t matter if I beat the #1 or the #500 of the ladder.

The Client

The good old client looks maybe a bit better now – but he is still as bugged as before. I’ve counted by my own 7 crashes in around 200 games since the expansionrelease.

1 Game wasn’t starting at all, it was just loading…After leaving it no Championpoints were gone/earned, so it was like the game never was there.
5 Games were loading forever, but stopping as soon as one player closes the client.
1 Game was crashing with an errormessage

7 out of 200…That’s really a lot, specially if we think about the fact that this game isn’t longer in Alpha/Beta. But that’s not the only problem.

I’m forced to delete all my friends who are online, because the game is unplayable if I don’t delete them. The game is always freezing if one of my ~1500 friends is coming online, happens on 3 different computers and also for some other players with a filled friendlist. Now I have only 900 friends left, but the problem is still there – so I delete all day long peoples out of my list to be able to play…

The Cardcollection

Highlander Invitational #1

GZMilky is hosting an invitational tournament with some of the best players in the game, and also Trupiciel (just kidding, I <3 trupi): Uraxor, Zergrusher, Nillicomes, LQDBrunt, jkkk89, MnM_VS_Smarties, Izachiel. The rules of the tournament are that you can only have 1 copy of each card, and uniques are banned. This should be a pretty interesting tournament!

Forum thread: http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/868296-Highlander-Invitational-1
Challonge bracket: http://challonge.com/HI_1
Where to watch: http://www.twitch.tv/gz_tv
When to watch: TBA

(Please note that this is an invitational, so please don’t ask if you can join. You can’t)

Site News

Card Images
The Tools section has been updated with Heart of Nightmares card images. However, as you may have noticed, some of the card images are wrong (oh no!). The images for Grave Warden and Boneyard show the wrong cost/requirements. Let me know in the comments if there are any other errors. Also, if I ever get updated images for the old cards showing the tribe/race (vampire, warrior, orc, etc) I will update those as well.

I have added a new Format column to the deck list page (it’s the checkbox column). If a deck is valid in Standard Format, then an ‘S’ will appear in this column. Also, in the deck display page, if a deck is valid in Standard, then there will be a purple bar indicating this.

Replay files are now located in C:\Users\[computer username]\AppData\Local\Ubisoft\Might and Magic Duel of Champions\Replay

As far as I can tell, Replay files no longer contain information about who won the match. This means that the Show Winner button no longer works. If you don’t like it, you can complain to Ubisoft.
[Update] Show Winner button works now. Thanks Aranarth!

Help the Community
Lastly, the game has changed a lot since the expansion. This means that most of the Guides are now out of date. If you want to help out and write a guide, please contact me (I am usually in the Chat room), or leave a comment below.

Tae’s Valuepiles #3 #4

Tired of not being able to play DoC? We got solution for you. Even though you wont be able to play your favorite card game, you can listen how other guys from the scene are talking about it! Yummy! Tae provides us broadcasts that are very entertaining and have plenty of information, so if you want to have even more knowledge and you want to keep up with whats going on, i strongly recommend to listen to them. Dont forget to check next episodes on the RSS feed situated on the right side of mmmdocking.com main page!

Starring: jkkk89, hectoring, maly_drab
Episode #3 features maly_drab’s and jkkk89′s thoughts on the meta, drab’s latest tournament venture, and other talks on strategy.

Starring: LQDBrunt, hectoring
Tae with Hectoring talking to LQD Brunt about his Cassandra, the last 6 months of the meta, the future, and more!

Heart of Nightmares: Cards so far [Updated]

Loyal Hound

And more inside!

Short announcement – Week 2 Replays

Hi guys,

Since old replays would stop working as soon as new patch arrives I decided not to upload replays from Week 2 to mmdocking as I did with Week 1 games. Instead, I have made a batch file with most replays we got from our players, so everyone eager to see them before maintenance can download them for himself and then search for any interesting games. You can get it from here.