Welcome to another Top 10 Countdown here on the one and only MMDoC King! We all know Uniques are very powerful. We all know Lava Spawn, Dark Assassin and Moon Phoenix are excellent cards that can have an immense impact on the game. We also know that Bloodsnake Shaman, Pao Deathseeker and Void Shade aren’t too shabby either! But what about the under-appreciated role players that even mere peasants can afford? What about the not so rare and not so flashy creatures that can have just as big of an impact as all the Wild Card eating monstrosities listed above? Today we count down the best common and uncommon creatures of all time. Like all my countdowns this list is based entirely on how viable and powerful a card is, or once was, for competitive play and doesn’t factor in things like artwork, coolness, how old it is, etc. At the end of the article you’ll be given the chance to make your opinion heard too by leaving a comment and voting in the poll. Let’s get started!


Welcome friends to another article by yours truly. I know I just wrote up a 4,000 word storm the other night and hopefully this isn’t too soon to be writing again but I’ve been playing DoC a ton recently and really enjoying the game and of course the more I play the more I learn and the more I have to say to you guys. Today I’m tackling the elephant in the room head on! That is, of course, the current balance, or serious lack thereof, in the game and the fact that Inferno is simply better than the other factions in both Standard and in Open.


Alright, you caught me… I haven’t actually fixed anything and since I’m merely just another player just like you guys and not on the development team or in the VIP club or anything like that I don’t have the power to make any changes to the game. But tell me that’s not a super catchy article title! Today I’m going over some cards that could potentially use some changes and explaining my point of view and giving my verdict as to why, or why not, the cards should be changed and exactly how I’d change them. By nature articles like this are more likely to be controversial than, say, a guide for a specific deck. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I’d love to hear yours in the comments as well as in the poll at the end of the article!


Welcome friends to another Top 10 countdown! Today we’re venturing into dangerous waters and going over some of the most busted cards in the history of the game- Fortunes! As always this list is based purely on competitive power level and doesn’t at all factor in coolness/uniqueness, artwork, popularity, etc. Fortunes have historically been so incredibly powerful that multiple extremely potent cards have been left off this list and resigned to the Honorable Mentions section. At the end of the article you’ll be given the opportunity to vote in a poll and let your opinion be heard! So let’s get to it!


Well, I didn’t need to wait until I’d originally set the poll to close on Tuesday- clearly Standard Kiril is the deck you guys want to hear about. Honestly in a moment of selfishness I considered not writing about this deck so I could keep it to myself for a while. I’m having results with this deck I’ve not had since I was crushing 10 Swiss Tournaments in a row with Kelthor way back in the day. I’ve played 30+ games with this deck and haven’t lost yet. No, it’s not unbeatable. Yes, the loss, and several other losses, will come sometime soon. But for now the deck is working about as perfectly as can be for me and, like Kelthor was, it’s remarkably consistent which is among the most desirable qualities a competitive deck can have, especially for laddering.



This is the second article for MMDoCKing by potential new contributor gardiet. As with all new contributors he’s still on a trial basis regarding whether or not to make him an official contributor to the site and whether or not he writes here is largely up to you guys! After reading the article please take a moment to vote in the follow up poll on the main page. If you liked what you read and want to see more content from this author let us know! If you didn’t like it POLITELY let us know that too! Your vote matters! Enjoy the article.



by gardiet

Yes, another article about the last changes in the game. But don’t worry, my view is quite different from EnlightenedOwl and Counterbob ones. And as you can guess from the title of the article, not very positive.

I’m using the usual pros and cons format, but I will start with the negative points to leave a good taste in the end. As any DoC player, I would prefer that the game were better and better and enjoy. Let’s offer not only what I think is not so good in the last update, but also some ideas to solve the current situation.


1. Timing

I’m referring to when they chose to launch the new expansion, Sins of Betrayal. Having new cards and possibilities must be always positive, but I’m not so sure. We had complete access to Griffin Band on July, at the end for gold. This means that anyone not so wealthy such as myself (without a lot of gold to waste) has built up to their competitive decks no more than 2 months ago. Is it time enough to enjoy? In my opinion it isn’t. Before we were able to test our decks a lot and weren’t worried about the new cards and strategies that they will allow.

I would have preferred some more time before the new expansion. Could this be really a conclusion of a DoC player? Am I mad? Of course DoC team need money and new cards is the best way to obtain it.

Solution: In this case I prefer the community solving the problem, if you guys even agree that it’s a problem. How much time do you guys think is the best before a new expansion?

2. New system to start the match

It is true, the old system was very favorable for second, and now it has been solved. But what price we must pay: RUSH, RUSH, RUSH, … It seems that only aggro decks are now tier1.
Delaying the resources incoming makes it mandatory to play with 1 resource creatures and Dragon Crystal is not enough to solve that problem. In my last jackpot tournament I only played against aggro decks in the top positions (Inferno and Mother Namtaru). What a shame the incredible art work in the new cards are going to waste as they’re all unplayable because only rush strategies are usable.

That is by far the worst of all negative point, and makes me enjoy the game much less.

Solution: The simplest I can think of:  go back to the old system but give the Dragon Crystal to the first player. In this way great removers as Insect swarm or Geyser could be used after only two turns of the rival, and not three as it is now, and this is a radical difference.

3. Daily rewards

Not bad change at a whole, but there is a particular detail that is very negative. It seems that tournament tickets won’t be a reward anymore. I agree with Counterbob in his analysis about the impact of tournaments in the community. Avoiding tickets from the daily rewards system make them very difficult to get, except using real money. Is it a deliberate movement of Ubisoft? I think so, and I don’t agree at all about limiting one of the most interesting part of the game to those players that pay.

Solution: Clearly, maintaining tournament tickets as a daily reward.

And finally a point not related with the last update.

4. Ubisoft attitude regarding external resources

I can’t speak about the support that EnlightenedOwl, other webmasters or tool developers are receiving from Ubisoft. I can explain the response that I had when I contacted with that company looking for help to create an external tool, similar to the outdated “Forge of Champions”. They answered me that no support was possible, in a clearly not motivating way, and I was asking only for a way to obtain the images of the cards.

I have some experience in external tools for online games, and I know the big impact that webs like or programs like DoC Replay Manager have in the community. They improve a lot the player experience and cover aspects not completely solved by the game.

Solution: Dear Ubisoft members, please, not only read and be watchful of the community opinions, but also consider support in any way webmasters and tools developers.


1. Ubisoft attitude

Yes, just the opposite of the last point, but in other aspects. I think that there are signals of an approach from the developers to the players. Cards nerfed, trying to solve the second turn advantage (yes, bad solution but an attempt), infernal pit changes, replays in the game, campaign, daily rewards, … They all are examples of the interest that developers have to improve the game.

I could now write about some other positive changes, but I have touched on them  before in the article so I’m not repeating them. I have explained my main feelings about the current situation of the game and I prefer not to bore you by making this article too drawn out. Don’t think that the small pros paragraph means that I don’t see anything positive. I appreciate the Ubisoft efforts, but other articles have explained it before and I prefer to stand out as a different critic with a proactive point of view.

Sorry if my English is not so perfect (I edited this article relatively thoroughly to hopefully make it clearer and easier to understand without taking away from the points the author tries to express- EO) and please comment and offer other ideas to improve the game.

Best regards



Please note that this specific article was written BEFORE Sins of Betrayal was available in the shop and I have intentionally waited until now to post it to see if his predictions have proven to be accurate! Let him know what you think in the comments!

This is the second article for MMDoCKing by potential contributor Bomy999. As with all new contributors he’s still on a trial basis regarding whether or not to make him an official contributor to the site and whether or not he writes here is largely up to you guys! After reading the article please take a moment to vote in the follow up poll on the main page. If you liked what you read and want to see more content from this author let us know! If you didn’t like it POLITELY let us know that too! Your vote matters! Enjoy the article.


Sins of Betrayal Meta-Changing Cards

By Bomy999

The new expansion Sins of Betrayal (SoB) is out! Sort of, at the moment you can only get these cards by winning swiss tournaments. I want to give my opinion on what will be the most important meta-changing cards.

The cards I’m about to discuss will have a great impact on the DoC-meta, they will change how the game is being played. I use some loose criteria.
First of all: they can be staple cards (4copies always).
Second: they may have a really strong effect (like for example ice-meteor).
Third: you can build a deck around it (for example the Titan workforce pre-patch).

Remember that this is my take on the expansion. I could be wrong as we don’t have seen these cards in action yet. Without further ado, I give you my list of meta-changing cards!

Kiril (Hero)


This guy is just a monster. He’s got strong spell schools with dark and fire. His stats 210 are really good to rush your opponent. But most importantly, his ability (fire creatures cost 1 less), just makes this hero one of the best out there! Toghrull be warned ;-)

Storm rage (Spell)

Storm Rage

This is exactly what the air-magic spell school needed: a strong area of effect damage doing card. To me, this looks like a staple card. I would always play 4 of them in any air-magicschool hero. It is like 3-magma bursts in one card!?

Illusionary Nightmare (spell)

Storm Rage

Mark my words, this card is going to give you ‘nightmares’ (pun intended ). This card basically forces you to cluster your creatures together. Which then will be weak against… the water spell-school. For example I can see Seria playing this card together with Ice-meteors and geysers, things could get nasty. What are you going to do??

Tori of the Eternal Empress (building)

Storm Rage

Maybe not the biggest game-changer, but a Coral Priestesses in a building looks pretty awesome to me. If you can get this building to stick on the battleground, then the outmanoeuvre might just win you the game.

Ice Spear (Spell)

Storm Rage

Don’t be mistaken by this cute low cost card. This could potentially be a gamechanger! What deck couldn’t use a +1 attack for only 1 cost, which you can do each turn! (Because the card gets back to youre hand.) I have encountered a (horribly strong) combo where the necropolis creature: Namtaru Channeler combined with this card just went crazy going up to 5attack combined with other water spells. The only question on my mind is how many of these Ice spears you would want to play in your deck. Because a hand with only ice spears won’t help you of course. So my guess is that water hero’s will add at least 2 of them in their decks.

Honorouble Mentions

Some other great cards that just didn’t make the list but might as well be up there-

Sandor, will he be the ‘new and improved’ Toghrull with his amazing spell schools?
Executioner Succubus, a really cool banshee-like creature for inferno?
Alone in the dark, random effect but really good value.
Frozen wave, a meteor-like effect all over the board could be devastating.
Throne of Ahhriban, situational but really strong effect.
EternalApprentice, with his cripple ability he can slow rush decks down considerably

Now the important aspect, what do you think will be the biggest meta-changing cards of the new expansion? Do you agree with my list? Let me know in chat!



Sins of Betrayal Standard has been going quite well for me…

Kiril OP

Of course, Open has been going quite well for me too…

Garant OP

So, as with all things with the new MMDoCKing, I leave what happens from here to you guys. Which of the two decks- Standard Kiril or Open Garant- would you rather read a guide about? Whichever receives the most votes on the poll on the main page by the time the poll closes will be the subject of a guide I write for you guys. Regardless of which you choose I hope everyone is enjoying DoC and is having as much fun with Sins of Betrayal as I am!

Happy Gaming!



Hey all…

It’s been roughly two or three weeks since I’ve taken over the management of MMDoCKing and I feel it’s time to do something the previous owners weren’t particularly good at- communicating with you guys. I want to bring everyone up to speed with what I’ve done, what I’m doing and what I’d like to do going forward.

Starting with the first on the list, things I’ve already done, hopefully you guys have noticed a significant increase in the overall activity of the site. I personally have been writing more and I’ve also communicated with a few other people who are willing to write here and gotten their work up as well. I’ve also added several polls to the main page and have placed a huge emphasis on community feedback and community involvement in a genuine attempt to please our audience as much as possible and make people feel truly involved. I allow feedback polls and comments for all of our writers because, quite simply, I don’t want to post things that you guys don’t want to read and if a particular author isn’t doing it for you for whatever reason I have no problem making executive decisions and telling that person, politely, that things aren’t working out and they’ll no longer be writing here. Hopefully this kind of system, where everyone gets an honest chance and then the community votes to determine an author’s fate, is considered fair and reasonable to all parties involved and will result in a site with content that people enjoy and without content they don’t. The biggest condition I was given by Enclase upon acquiring the site was to show him “that there is a need for MMDoCKing” by the time his contract to keep the site up expires. I’m hoping the huge increase in activity in such a short period of time is enough to convince him to let me keep at it as things will only continuously get better.

As for what I’m actively doing… Priority number one, far and away, is getting the deck builder and card viewer up to date. This is something I’ve been fully aware of since the beginning and something I’ve been actively working on since the very first day I took over here. Unfortunately, it’s proven to be a far more complicated pain in the ass mess than I could have ever guessed and I cannot guarantee a date for things to be fixed. Basically, this is the problem and this is where we are regarding fixing it- Problem one was I know nothing about programming/coding so even if I had all the access and information I needed I personally probably wouldn’t be able to do it. So, I needed to find a programming guy I could trust. I did in fact find a programming guy who, while I don’t know him in real life, has been extremely polite, mature and positive and I have as much faith in him as I realistically can given the fact that he’s an anonymous person on the other side of Internetland. Problem two is accessing the data. Come to find out, from Enclase, the deck builder and card viewer are all stored on a different server that even Enclase does not have access to. Apparently only Bokkengro, the old programmer, has access to this location. My attempts to contact Bokkengro have been entirely unsuccessful and he’s not replied to any of my emails or been in the chat, ever. Upon conceding I may never contact Bokkengro and he may for whatever reason not even be willing to give me the information I need if I were to finally get a hold of him I moved on to the much more of a pain in the ass but unfortunately probably necessary Plan B. Plan B is to forget the entire thing that we already have in place and redo it, every single card one at a time, from the ground up. My programming guy felt confident he could do this even if it would be a huge pain and take a bit of time. Problem solved? Of course not. Life can never be that simple. The problem NOW is in order to start from the ground up and get everything going we need access to the server on which MMDoCKing is hosted so all the stuff can be programmed onto that same server. This is, once again, information I was not given upon taking over the site. One would think Enclase would have access to that information so I’m waiting on a reply from him but right now, almost a week later, I’ve heard nothing back. When he replies if he has good news we’ll hopefully get to work as soon as possible. If not, or if I can’t ever get a hold of him again, we’ll have to look at other options. Rest assured that I’m just as frustrated as anyone with the deck builder and card viewer situation and I am fully aware of how big of an asset it is to the site. I assure you, I’m definitely working on it. I wish I had something better to give you but now you know as much as I do and I’ll keep at it and try to make more progress as fast as I can.

As for the future… Once the deck builder and card viewer are up to date it’ll enable a lot of things. I can see contests, tournaments, etc. but a lot of things like that are enabled by having a deck builder… I’d of course like to get more people coming back to the site and more contributors. Again, going back to the deck builder, I suspect more people would be willing to contribute if it were up to date… I also plan on cleaning up the site and doing some organizing. Getting rid of some blank pages, condensing things and getting rid of some of the old spam and clutter that doesn’t need to be there. I’m still working on learning all the technical things as far as managing the site and using the software. For example, I’m not sure how to make it so when I post an article you only see the first paragraph or two and have to click “read more” in order to view the rest. I’d like to figure that out for two reasons- 1. It gives me a more accurate count of how many people are actually reading the posts because right now some people may just be reading the whole thing from the main page without ever actually clicking on it and 2. It makes the main page have more content on it and feel less cluttered. Little changes like that will add up and make a significant difference and I’m still trying to figure out how to do them. Of course, this is all pending that at the end of the month Enclase decides this site is worth keeping around. I certainly think it is, and I think the progress we’ve already made is very apparent, but it’s not entirely up to me. As always definitely let me know what YOU think in the comments!

More articles and fun stuff coming soon!




This is the second article for MMDoCKing by potential new contributor Counterbob. As with all new contributors he’s still on a trial basis regarding whether or not to make him an official contributor to the site and whether or not he writes here is largely up to you guys! After reading the article please take a moment to vote in the follow up poll on the main page. If you liked what you read and want to see more content from this author let us know! If you didn’t like it POLITELY let us know that too! Your vote matters! Enjoy the article.


So I started writing this article late last week and after reading EnlightenedOwl’s post about the new update I noticed that some of this article will cross over on some topics he talked about.

While we are on that note I want to give my two cents about the update. Overall I’m a fan of what they are doing. The Infernal Pit change is the best thing they could have done. The new dailies are a little grindy but nothing too unobtainable even by the casual/newer player.

The Dragon Crystal. Now I like the new start of the game as it is way more balanced they it was. What I don’t like is that the Dragon Crystal has two other abilities besides adding a resource. I’ve had games where I was able to do something or my opponent was able to do something we shouldtn’t of been because of the Crystal doing one damage. Now I understand 90% of the time its going to be a resource but still not too thrilled about it doing a point of damage.

I have voiced concerns about this (both prior to and after the update) and just been told things like “our VIPs are saying its working out” Never ever given any actual information about how its working out or statistics. I don’t have all the hours in the world testing all of this, and it is still very early in the process of it being in the game and I may be over reacting. Time will tell but so far after playing for a few days the concerns I had going in are still the concerns I have today. I will say I have seen that going first and second is way more balanced and I do appreciate that, rather than the old ways of doing things.

It being a fortune is also questionable. At its core it is supposed to be helping the second player keep curve with the first. But when you literally can’t play it because of an event card and you are put behind by 3 turns because of it that just isn’t right. This along with it doing one damage were two major concerns I had when they first announced it in the Dev diary and I was told basically nah its fine don’t worry about it. The crystal should also be banished after being played. I’ve had times where both myself and my opponent were able to play Moon Phoenix because if it being in the graveyard.

Lastly with the update that happened everything they talked about occurred. The new start , the card changes, the infernal pit changes. I’m missing something.. O yes! The Ticket changes. O wait they didn’t happen yet.. Why? I’m not sure. Apparently they are waiting to update that with the shop changes when Sins becomes released. This is very confusing. Why do everything but this? Seems even more questionable when you have Swiss events now with an increased prize that includes Sins packs. These packs aren’t available yet any other way, so people looking to grind out some Swiss to get the packs but have to spend seals on it when they should be able to use gold.

That was a little ranty and I do apologize. Let’s move on to more important matters.

How can we make MMDOC more successful? This is an honest question I have. I’ve been playing TCGs of all kinds for over a decade and this is one of the best I’ve ever played, but nobody plays it. I’m quite passionate about this game and I want to see it succeed. So let’s brainstorm here and see if we can find something as a community to help push this game into the forefront. Let’s break it down to a few categories where I see a few weak points.



Plainly speaking WHERE IS IT? I would of never heard of this game if I wasn’t bored one day and went looking for free to play games on Steam. Since then I’ve seen maybe 2 ads for the game. This is just sad to me. Why don’t they want to tell more people about the game?

One thing I did see recently that was a step in the right direction was the streamer Trump, who is very big in the Hearthstone community, had a YouTube series on MMDOC which was a paid promotion. This is definitely something they should keep doing. Get the big names playing this game; it gets more eyes on it. Getting them to stream it would be the next step as Twitch is just a launching pad for games these days, but I’ll get to that later.

Some people say well Hearthstone can do so much because they have the name Blizzard behind that. Well yes they did have the WoW fan base already but it’s not like Ubisoft is a small brand. There is a lot more they could be doing to push this game.


Player Base

It’s relatively low and some of the more popular streamers have even left the game completely. Some of that was due to slow reactions from the team and the game becoming stale, but over the last year with all the changes that have been made to the game it’s become far from stale. Having a smaller player base is in part to the previous bullet point that nobody knows about this game.

Now with the campaign it gives newer players a chance to earn gold and get used to the game without having to face people with full decks in ranked or even unranked ques.

One thing that the community has been dying for is a Draft mode. This helps both new and old players. The new players get a mode where they don’t have to have a full deck to play competitively. This can give them time to build a collection before they get demoralized because of losing to full decks when they can’t afford the cards they need. This also helps keep the older players entertained by introducing a new mode and keeping each game fresh. I’ll talk a bit more about drafts in a bit.

The player base breaks down from the lack of advertising. There isn’t a great flow of new players and some of the older players have left due to boredom. Now that they have increased with more modes of play with Swiss and Jackpot each day and having Open and Standard, which happened earlier this year, it has kept the game from becoming stale. They have made some strides in the right direction. Keeping people interested in playing and drawing a new crowd are areas they need to put a brighter focus on.


The Community and Community Support

Overall this is a really nice community of passionate players but there are always sour apples on the tree. I’d love to see in this game is a way to report players for poor behavior. Most other online games have a way in the game client where it’s just a few clicks and bam a report is filed. I’ve experienced more toxic behavior in the last month since I’ve come back to the game than in all the previous time I had played prior to taking my break.

A lot of the time it feels like Ubisoft and the CMs give very vague feedback to its community. Compared to some other games, the community support just doesn’t feel up to par. I’ve voiced concerns about aspects of the games on social media and gotten responses which basically say nah don’t worry about it wait and see. I’ve seen people associated with the game in streams responded to peoples questions in similar ways as well. Even a response from a CM that was “ But I’m just a CM” Yes we know this that is why we are asking you this so you could relay this to the Dev team as you are the Mid-point between the community and the dev team. There was another concern by a few in chat that the ticket prices were a little high and could be 10k or 15k. I agree I think 15k would be a better option. During the discussion it came up that it’s tough for newer players that are managing there gold to be getting into Swiss events. We were then told that Swiss isn’t for new players. Why are you trying to put a gate on parts of your game? Yes very new beginners won’t fare well in Swiss. But newer players that have a deck that they have been spending time on and gold on want another place to compete. Swiss is that place. It’s a competitive area that gives them chance to win a prize. If you are creating gates for these types of players the game won’t grow.

When they first released the Dev Diary about the new 1st player start change, a lot of people had concerns. Most of the responses were just our testers said it worked. Now I’m not being verbatim here but that’s basically what we got told. I would of preferred actual examples. Something along the lines of well in our play test games we noticed a X% of this was happening Y% of this time so we came the conclusion of Z.

Other times their Reponses have felt like they were talking to me like I was 10 years old. Most of the time after an interaction with somebody from the company I come back with a sour taste in my mouth rather than a confidence in the company making this game.

The community as a whole since I’ve started playing as been asking for a way to see banished cards and there has been little to no response or action on this. For me this is really confusing. It seems like such an easy fix. But hey I’m not a programmer.

I know that the CMs and Devs and what not do a good job but there is still a lot of wiggle room for improvement and this may come off as me being super picky (which I actually kind of is). These are just a few examples of what I am talking about. I’ve had previous frustrations with responses from them in the past as well as having positive ones. The thing is though I want to see this game succeed and with small fixes the company can make on its surfaces to things like community support. Us as a community can also improve with not trying to push the Dev team into a fire every time a change is made or isn’t made. You can voice your concerns but don’t just say omg they bad this game sux cuz of change lawlz. Stating your opinion properly will never be dismissed.


Twitch has come to the forefront of gaming culture. It has become the new TV to some of todays youths. It’s incredible the numbers some channels can pull in. MMDOC needs to capitalize on this. There are a fair amount of streamers but not that many compared to most games. They also host there team streams in the middle of the day and morning for the US. Now I know there is a big EU and RU presence in this game but perhaps they could run two streams. One earlier for the EU/RU scene and one for the US scene later in the day. Three of the more popular streamers left the game completely earlier this year which defiantly doesn’t help but is in correlation with some of the other points I’ve talked about.

The game already has Twitch integration and that’s great but nobody really uses it. A thing they can build off of that, as a game like Smite has, is to put a twitch tab into the game client. What would be on this Twitch tab? Well you could have video of the top streamer going on live in the client. You could also have the toggles for you to go live in that area as well. What would this do for the game? It would help get the game more visibility. A lot of the players probably don’t pay attention to twitch but if they knew more about the streamers with an easy access point it would boost numbers.

Boosting the numbers gets more people to see the game on Twitch. O man this game has 1k people watching it, let me go check out this stream and see what this game is about. O man this game looks fun I’ll download it. That’s something that can easily happen. I’m not sure on the programming how that works but it’s a possibility. I know they have the banner but most people probably don’t really recognize it.

Promoting streams is something as a community we can do. If you have a streamer you like tell your friends or people you play with. If you know somebody that makes YouTube videos promote them. Post their videos on Facebook. These are easy steps as a community that we can do to help promote the game in general. Again the more content people see of this game the better.
If you stream, make videos, or know somebody who does please provide links down below.


This is an area in need of dire improvement. The only tournament going around is the Road to Paris and that has a steep access point. Every once and a while there are community tournaments. Which is great. We need to do more of those. If you are running a community tournament I highly recommend streaming it. Let me know if you are and I’ll do my best to promote it. This goes back to my point about streaming. If you get people watching this being played a competitive level they will be more interested in it.

Ubisoft should also be looking to do more tournaments. The Road to Paris is nice. It leads to a world tournament and you have a grand champion and all but there is more to be done. They could have an open style tournament accessible to all. They could run it once a month or every other month. You have player’s register between day X and Y and the tournament is held on day Z. As for prizes they could be in game or actual cash. You could even charge an entry fee weather that is in game currency or cash. Just look at what MTG does with its Grand Prix circuit. That can be used as a great example. You can charge people like 10 dollars or something along those lines and all those who enter get an exclusive promo. Depending on the amount of entries you can pay out to a decent amount of players. The MTG grand prix pays out to top 64. Now the MMDOC tourneys would likely have less people so you could pay out to top 16 or top 32. You can even change the formats they are played in. the first can be open, the next could be Standard.

That’s just a base idea for a large Ubisoft sponsored tournament. They don’t have to lead to a world cup or anything. The winner just gets the title of MMDOC Open champ or something like that. If you have any suggestions to these ideas and want to build upon this please comment below.


This above all else is the number 1 thing they should be looking to put in this game. Not only is the most asked thing about from the community but it would help grow this game.

Drafting creates a whole new format for old players to try to master. Some people absolutely love and excel in limited formats. This would be there go to format. This also gives the newer players a way to play at a higher level without having a full constructed deck. You could charge people tickets like in swiss and even run it like swiss.

If they want this game to reach more people and be more successful this should be a priority.


This game compared to some other online TCGs is a bit more complex and can drive some casual gamers away because of it. Adding the campaign to aid players in the complexities of the game is a great thing they have included. I’d like to see them release a campaign with each set release as well.

Over time they have been making small improvements here and there. Having a draft mode would also be a great way to help build the casual scene. I can really see where only being able to play MMDOC here and there can be really taxing and frustrating. The casuals market is the larger market of most games and its potential is just not being tapped quite properly yet. Over the last year they have made small improvements to aide in this area but there’s always room for more. The infernal pit change is the best step they’ve made in this process.

I hope by reading this slightly ranty article you understand my passion for the game and my desire for it to be successful. At the core this game is amazing and just needs to be seen by more and supported a bit better by Ubisoft.

If you have anything to add to this by all means leave a comment. I want this to be an open discussion point as a community to help build this game up. We are smart folk and I know we can come up with some great ideas.


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