road2paris JULY quali gold finals!

Last sunday we watched top8 bracket with all the gold group finalists. This time it was Stronghold and Necro who dominated qualifiers as wee could see a lot of Acamas and Kat games. Again both nations – French and Polish show many strong players are in their lineups and finally it was Pawel999k who won versus famous and lovely caster cucu99. As the games were played before new expansion we could see almost every playerd who was starting 2nd, wining his games and im really into what will Griffin Bane show us all!

1. Pawel999k
2. Cucu99
3. Slww9278
4. cucu89
5-8. mazsparrow, strumpic, Zergrusher, Mrh3

link to watch the semi finals can be found here:
link to watch same of the 1/4 games can be found here:

MMDoCKing Chat Still Available

As I’m sure you have noticed you can not direct connect to the MMDoCKing chat via any more. The chat is still up and running you just have to use an IRC client to get there. You can connect to it at channel at Athemenet IRC.

If you have any questions about this or need some help getting connected, head over to this thread on the MMDoC forums for a lot of great info on IRC clients and how to connect to the chat.

Make sure to join the conversation. You never know who will pop up in the chat.

Griffin Bane Patch Notes and Release Date



The patch notes for Griffin Bane have been release and can be seen below. This patch is set to go live Wednesday, July 9th. That means in less than 24 hours we should have our hands on the new cards.


100 New Cards

New Heroes, Creatures, Spells, Fortunes, Buildings and Events

Card Nerfs

  • Swelling Breeder now only gives Magic Resist to adjacent Breeders
  • Djinn Cloudshaper now requires 5 Might
  • Enthrall now costs 6 Resources
  • Puppet Master now costs 7 Resources

New Achievements

  • Refer a friend (Reward: 15,000 gold)
  • Have 3 refered Pupil who reach level 10 (Reward: 500 Seals)
  • Win a match against the Academy faction (Reward: Base Academy Deck)
  • Win a match against the Haven faction (Reward: Base Haven Deck)
  • Win a match agaisnt the Inferno faction (Reward: Base Inferno Deck)
  • Win a match against the Necropolis faction (Reward: Base Necropolis Deck)
  • Win a match against the Sanctuary faction (Reward: Base Sanctuary Deck)
  • Win a match against the Stronghold faction (Reward: Base Stronghold Deck)

New format: Road to Paris

Added a new ‘Road to Paris’ format to the ‘Challenge a Friend’ game mode. This format will be used during competitive Road to Paris matches.

Ability Icon in zoom

Added the Ability Icon to a zoomed card descriptive screen.

Regroup same cards of different series

Added a ‘Hide Duplicate’ filter in the deckbuilder to regroup same cards of different series.

Changes in Shop

  • Gold will no longer be sold in the Shop.
  • Starter Decks are also removed from the Shop. These decks are now obtainable through achievements in game.

Changes in Altar of Wishes 

  • The cost of Heart of Nightmares cards drops to 2 / 6 / 10 / 16 (Common / Uncommon / Rare / Epic)
  • Griffin Bane cards enter the Altar at 3 / 9 / 15 / 24 (Common / Uncommon / Rare / Epic)
  • The cost of Legacy Series cards drops to 3 / 9 / 15 / 24 (Common / Uncommon / Rare / Epic)


If you missed what cards are due to be released you can find a gallery of them here.

We will have the card database and deck builder updated as soon as we can. Again thanks for your patience and understanding.

The future of MMDoCKing

So as I’m sure you guys are wondering after the mysterious edit of Enclase’s post from a few days ago, what will the future hold for this site. So in the interest of full transparency here is what is going on.

I will be taking over the day to day operations of the site. Providing content, making sure that we keep up to date on the news and bringing you interviews from the community. I will be trying to provide at least one article every other day, with breaking news as it becomes available.

The thing that I know is on every ones mind is the deck builder and card database. I have been in contact with Bokkengro and he is willing to update it for us. The update will however not be ready for the new patch as it was previously and will more than likely happen after the patch goes live. I will keep you guys up to date on when that is going to happen. So please be patient with us as we work through the transition.

If you have any questions or comments please leave them here and if you would like to contribute to the site please contact me at

Thanks for making this a great site


Getting to the Bottom of the Stack. Stackable Creatures and You


New Stackable Mechanic.

What is stackable? Well this is a new mechanic that is being brought with the new Griffin Bane expansion that is set to release sometime in the next week. We got a peek into this mechanic today on the Griffin Bane Arena stream with the community managers and it looks like it is going to add a whole new level of strategy to the game.

In an interview with Developer SimonV we got an explanation of what this new mechanic will bring.

Stackable is a new ability that lets you deploy, relocate or move a creature with Stackable onto another creature with the same name. Let’s say Serpentfly has Stackable, you deploy the first one normally, then you deploy the second one on top of the first one, the size of the Serpentfly will go up by 1 and the 2nd Serpentfly card will go to your graveyard. Since your stack of Serpentfly is 2, it’s ATK is 2 and its HP is 4.”

If you want to read more about the upcoming expansion you can find the full interview over at the DoC Forums.


MMDoCKing is looking for a new owner :)

Done for now :)

Road2paris June gold finals!

Last night community could watch top8 bracket with all the gold group finalists. As last time we could watch plenty of Hakeem games, but this time people prepared, or at least tried to pick something that in thier mind can counter this popular top tier deck. So, we could not only experiece as well popular Acamas, but also we saw inferno Delebs, Ignatius and Garants, who tried to top Juna Quali. This time finals were super exciting and end up after all 5 games in a series, so i would strongly recommend you watch the replays though Ubi DoC channel and its VODs. This time it was Redpepper6 who after disapointing performence in round 1/4 managed to forget about stress and played super solid versus famous MnM_vs_Smarties causing him to stay at second place. One more super crucial note, at all grand final games – the player who started 2nd won the match. Everytime.

1. Redpepper6
2. MnM_vs_Smarties
3. ttyieu
4. cucu89
5-8. tragicstar, gardiet, bGata, xX-St0rmSt4r-Xx

link to the VOD can be found here: link

Polish May League

Hey, so the first month of Polish League ended and after playing top8 bracket we finally see the winners. Although this league is mostly organised for polish community, organizer L4m4b4lon1k welcomes every foreigner who wants to compete in top polish players aswell.

1. ZergRusher
2. xRoni
3. jkkk89
4. mazsparrow

top8 bracket with results : here

Team League finals!

Hello DoC Players!

So finally its the end! The thing everyone was following to see. Season1 of Team League has reached it’s final destination! MMDoCKing are pleased to anounce the Team League finals. Today we will experience great show, as always held by Owl and Kinetic. No more words needed!

Team League: FINALS, Saturday, May 31 @ 12 PM EST, 6 PM CET
A1 Alliance vs. Callers of the Void

3th place decider:
Six’s Legacy vs. Team Phalanx

[hectoring] Rush with bust… blast! Guide to Open Deleb

by hectoring


When Heart of Nightmares arrived, I was convinced that the “random” Inferno rushes that had previously only been fringe strategies could claim a share of the competitive spotlight – mainly due to Lava Spawn and Thrall of Hatred.


Lava Spawn: Having 8 one-drops (or 12 if you want to run Goldpiles) ensures that going first, you can have a turn 1 play (mulligan aggressively for it). It very importantly dodges Earthquake and survives a Firebolt as well! [Of course, going 2nd and having 2 one-drops is an opening some decks just can't recover from.]

Thrall of Hatred: Many aggressive decks find it hard to deal the last few points of damage against an opponent that manages to stabilize – this helps push the last few points of damage through, especially in combination with Deleb’s ability or Delve into Madness. A lot of “Mexican standoffs” can end in a puzzle-like finish with you playing a Thrall and suiciding your Demons onto your opponent’s retaliation.

Deleb: Starting with 2 Might is vital in order to be able to play your turn 1 Lava Spawns. Xorm may have a more aggressive ability, but Deleb gets access to Lightning Strike, and her ability synergizes with Thrall of Hatred as well as allowing you to play through Pillages quite well.