Hello friends! Today I’m knocking an item off my alarming large to do list. Since taking over MMDoCKing a couple months ago I’ve received a surprisingly high number of questions, among other things, via email and I’ve decided to make an article of sorts of it to hopefully provide some entertainment value and answer some of the questions for everybody as opposed to just for one person in case someone else out there was wondering the same thing. This is definitely a bit different from my usual writings and to be honest it’s a tad out of my comfort zone but I’m going to go ahead and try it anyway just to get it out of the way and see what kind of feedback I get from you guys. Please note that many questions I’ve received have gone unanswered for a variety of reasons such as being inappropriate/too personal, being boring, being highly related to another question that I am answering, etc. If I didn’t answer your question in this particular article there is probably a reason for it and you’ll have another chance to ask whatever at the end.



Hey everyone! First of all, please accept my apologies for the five or six day stretch I had there with no updates to the site. It was a unique week in which circumstances at work forced me to work basically open to close every single day, which ended up being a 77 hour work week. Needless to say I’ve been absolutely exhausted and simply haven’t been up for writing anything or really doing anything at all other than sleeping. I apologize if the inactivity scared anyone into thinking maybe the site was going to die again or I’d fallen off the face of the planet. Neither of these things are true and Hell Week at work as I’ve been calling it is over and activity levels here should return to normal.

Today I’ll be marking my glorious return with another top 10 countdown! Originally my plan was to count down the top 10 overrated cards in Standard as opposed to the top 10 underrated but when I began mentally going over the explanations I’d give for each of my choices I realized there was an excessive amount of negativity and the article might be a bit of a downer to read since I’d basically be sitting there saying bad things about a card ten times in a row without anywhere near enough positive comments to balance it out. I didn’t want to post something that was overly-negative so I opted to switch the plan up and instead go for a more positive topic- underrated cards! And believe me, there are a lot of them… As usual there will be a poll at the end of the article where you can vote and share your opinion with the community. For those of you who vote “Something Else” definitely let us know in the comments what that something else happens to be.

Anyhow, of all the underrated cards out there here are the ten I think are the most unfairly dismissed-



This is the first article for MMDoCKing by potential new contributor Lord Drake. As with all new contributors he’s writing here on a trial basis before determining whether or not to make him an official contributor to the site and whether or not he writes here is largely up to you guys! After reading the article please take a moment to vote in the follow-up poll attached to the article. If you liked what you read and want to see more content from this author let us know! If you didn’t like it POLITELY let us know that too! Your vote matters! Enjoy the article.




Hello fellow champions! I’m Lord Drake, an occasional streamer so some of you may know me already. If not let me tell a bit about myself. I started playing DoC around the release of Herald of the Void and played from time to time until Five Towers appeared. Then I finally learned to play the game. Shortly before Griffin Bane I took a break, but I’m back, and without further ado let’s jump to the one card that caught my attention, Anastasya, and my deck list for her-



While I was at work today thinking about what I wanted to include in this article I figured it’d actually be pretty short compared to some of my other writings. After all, I really just have to go over each of the changes and give my thoughts on them and then just talk about the current state of Standard and call it good, right? Then I got to thinking… Even though it’s only one or two topics I’ll be discussing today they happen to be very complex topics with many many subtopics and I have lots of things to say so I quickly realized this article inevitably has to be just as long as all my others. So, before we go any further, I want to give you guys a fair heads up that this one is going to be a bit lengthy and you’re encouraged by Doctor EO to take breaks, make sure you’re eating, drinking and using the bathroom and of course to use that nifty comments section at the end to tell the world what you think about all this. Let’s get started!



By Gardiet


I know the legends. The tales of a great dominating faction led by Cassandra and Sandalphon. I was a just starting player in those ages, a Necro servant, fighting with skeletons and zombies against Wolf Captains, Radiant Glories and Prisons. It was not an easy fight and I looked on with greedy eyes at those light warriors.

Later on I tried Haven using Alia, but it wasn’t the same. I was never over 60% of win rate and I didn’t feel like I was playing a really good deck. But the time has come when Haven has a chance again! For sure it is not the best deck in the current Standard format, but it’s still a playable alternative that makes the game more fun and diverse.


As I begin to write this article I’ve had quite an interesting day… It began with waking up with half my face completely swollen, including my eye, and me looking like I’m either seriously deformed or I got my ass kicked by someone who really meant business. The other night, maybe Tuesday or Wednesday, I noticed a small bump on my right cheek but I thought it was just acne or whatever other sort of blemish so I basically thought nothing of it and left it alone. The next day it was visibly bigger but still I thought it’s just swollen and it’ll get worse before it gets better and it’ll go away on its own in a couple days. The next day the thing was probably 3 or 4 inches and rock hard and I knew something was definitely wrong but I decided to tough it out anyway. That was probably a mistake. Fast forward to this morning, Saturday the 1st, and I woke up a complete mess. So I went to the emergency room and paid stupid amounts of money (here in America we do not have free health care for all) to have the doctor take a scalpel and cut into my face and leave me with a hole not too much smaller than a penny in my cheek not to mention throbbing, sore and feeling like I was about to vomit. Obviously, though it was very difficult for me because of my work ethic, I had to call out of work and I went home to my first Saturday “off” in as long as I can remember. I obviously wasn’t up for anything too hardcore given my condition so I logged on to the best game ever, Duel of Champions, and decided to grind out a few Open Swiss tournaments until I either pass out, vomit or simply get bored of them. This is where the part that you guys actually care about comes in…


Nothing new and exciting has happened since my last couple articles but I’ve still been playing a ton and enjoying the game as I learn more and more. I’ve gotta tell you though- for all the fun I usually have playing this game the past two or three days have been Hell. I’m super OCD with certain things and having EVERYTHING available in the game is definitely one of them so I decided, finally, after having however long to do it in the past to finally get the alternate art Seria as it was the only reward card I didn’t already have. For those of you who may be unfamiliar as to how to acquire the card it is a reward for an achievement and you have to win 20 competitive duels with each of the Herald of the Void heroes (all the ones that are “Caller of” whatever). I already had well over 20 competitive wins with the three big ones that were played competitively- Adar-Malik, Dhamiria and Zardoc- the former two being decks I played extensively and probably have a few hundred wins with and Zardoc being a deck I think I like a lot less in general than most people but I have nonetheless played my fair share of. The other two, Alia and Noboru, however, are a different story…


I finally received an email from Enclase regarding whether or not he wants to renew the website for one more year and, as the title confirms, he has decided to do so. Here’s a copy paste of the first part of the email I received-

“I’m finished with thinking about the future of MMDoCKing – Even if I don’t think you will have success, I will host the site for one more year.
Feel free to do what you want with the site.”

What this means is you guys are stuck with me for one more year!

Let’s thank Enclase for the second part and prove him wrong about the first part. :)


Welcome to another Top 10 Countdown here on the one and only MMDoC King! We all know Uniques are very powerful. We all know Lava Spawn, Dark Assassin and Moon Phoenix are excellent cards that can have an immense impact on the game. We also know that Bloodsnake Shaman, Pao Deathseeker and Void Shade aren’t too shabby either! But what about the under-appreciated role players that even mere peasants can afford? What about the not so rare and not so flashy creatures that can have just as big of an impact as all the Wild Card eating monstrosities listed above? Today we count down the best common and uncommon creatures of all time. Like all my countdowns this list is based entirely on how viable and powerful a card is, or once was, for competitive play and doesn’t factor in things like artwork, coolness, how old it is, etc. At the end of the article you’ll be given the chance to make your opinion heard too by leaving a comment and voting in the poll. Let’s get started!


Welcome friends to another article by yours truly. I know I just wrote up a 4,000 word storm the other night and hopefully this isn’t too soon to be writing again but I’ve been playing DoC a ton recently and really enjoying the game and of course the more I play the more I learn and the more I have to say to you guys. Today I’m tackling the elephant in the room head on! That is, of course, the current balance, or serious lack thereof, in the game and the fact that Inferno is simply better than the other factions in both Standard and in Open.